30+ years of professionally fostering Harmony in Body + Heart + Mind

Who I Work With.

From young adults to seniors, I counsel individuals and couples who long for relief from the impacts of trauma, anxiety, grief, and relationship difficulties.

What I Do For My Clients.

I help my clients grow skills to mentally, emotionally and physically soften around their pain, and access new clarity, calm, and aliveness. Our work together promotes personal discovery and forward momentum.

The Results.

Is everything easy now? Is all pain and fear erased?

No, life includes pain.

But, my clients do learn to meet life with more confidence, inner-kindness, and courage.

They consciously discover: “This is what is good and valuable about being me.”

They become more resilient.

Their days feel brighter as they gain trust in their “inner light.”

This is personal evolution.

Ideally, it is a lifelong journey.

Teresa Waters, M.A., RCC
ph. 250-538-7397

In person or online, I provide a therapeutic environment of safety, kindness and respect –
the foremost requirements for healing and positive growth.

Free 15 minute introductory meeting, by phone, online or in person.