I’m grateful to everyone who has written a testimonial for me.
(I’ve changed people’s names to protect client confidentiality.)


Dear Teresa

“Your gift is the ability to help people reignite the remembering of their essential nature, as they walk through and heal trauma. You persevere in maintaining that our true light exists– within the trauma wounding, and on the other side of it. Based in your own experience of having walked the journey, you do this with deep authenticity.”

– Kim, Physiotherapist

Self Kindness

“Teresa supported me through the deepest parts of my trauma recovery following a severe car accident. She has helped me gain effective coping skills and self-kindness around my healing process.
Teresa works energetically, mindfully and respectfully. Her genuine compassionate spirit and deep understanding of the nervous system have really furthered my lifelong learning and personal growth.
I am forever grateful for the tremendous help Teresa offers me.”

– Jackie, Spa owner

Genuine Care and Integrity

“Teresa has supported me extensively in resolving the effects of trauma that I experienced 25 years ago. She combines her knowledge of trauma recovery with genuine care and integrity. I am forever struck by her passion and commitment to her work. She skillfully provides a safe space in which I am able to move forward.”

– Susan, music teacher

Compassionate heart and Excellent Therapeutic Skills

“Without Teresa’s compassionate heart and excellent therapeutic skills, I don’t know how I would have coped with my overwhelm around cancer treatment. I experienced a deep integration of inner resources that are still with me a year later. I know that these skills will with be with me for the rest of my life.”

– Lora, single mom with young son

Highly Competent

“During my 20-year search for help with PTSD and surrounding issues, I was unable to find anyone with the knowledge and compassion that I required– until I began therapy with Teresa Waters. Teresa is a highly competent therapist who has done her own transformational healing work. It is with confidence that I recommend her.”

– Marjorie, addictions counsellor

Photo by: Jessi LaCosta

May there come across the Waters
A path of Light
To bring you safely Home.

– John O’Donnahue