Tame the Stress Response,
Befriend more Ease

Curious how this might be possible?

Knowledge and self-awareness are the first step.

I can help you get an inner sense for how your nervous system works. Then I will have you become aware of ways that you can consciously respond, rather than just react, to the messages of your nervous system and emotions. If you like, I will also teach you how to support others
(especially children) to better regulate.

Science has proven that when you can regulate your nervous system and emotional responses:

• you will have a greater sense of well-being
• you have more control over your behaviour (taking action and holding back)
• you can live out your most intelligent and loving self.

We can grow this skill for a lifetime.

As we do, we experience less self-doubt, agitation, and fear;
and increased confidence, joy, and peace.

I present these concepts to and how to develop new self regulation skills to couples, parents, families, teachers, health-care professionals, and private groups.

Please contact me so we can discuss how and where you may like me to share what we can all do to “tame the stress response and befriend more ease.”

Photo: Deborah Barnes