Relaxation Massage
Cranial-sacral therapy
Guided Body-Awareness

Teresa is special healer with an innate sense of how to
guide her clients to physical, mental and spiritual restoration.
Her treatments are a gift to experience.
-Brian Craig

My treatments support you to feel: Safely. Home. Within.

The ease and flow that you experience can give you a reference point of deep peace and gentle self-presence that continues to ripple into your inner and outer life.

I’ve been offering body-work professionally for over 30 years.

A session usually includes a blend of massage & cranial sacral therapy.

Often, people appreciate me guiding them with my words and touch, as they focus their inner-awareness and breath.* When this happens, magic happens. The part of the body receiving the attention softens & opens; a new level of aliveness and self-connection is established.

(*How I do this is fairly unique. I teach classes for bodyworkers in how to develop this skill.)

Over the years I’ve taken a variety of body-work, breath, and movement-awareness trainings. I’ve also attended university level anatomy and physiology courses.

Techniques that I integrate include:

  • acupressure + trigger point
  • reflexology
  • sports massage
  • orthobionomy
  • Swedish + deep tissue
  • cranial-sacral therapy (Upledger & Biodynamic)
  • body-focused meditation

Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream

-John Lennon