30+ years of professionally fostering Harmony in Body + Heart + Mind

Who I Work With

From teens to seniors, I counsel people who long for relief
from the impacts of trauma, anxiety, grief, and relationship difficulties.
I help my clients grow skills to mentally, emotionally and physically
soften around their pain,
and access new clarity, calm, and aliveness.

What I Do For My Clients

Our work together promotes personal discovery and forward momentum.
My clients begin to meet life’s challenges
with less fear and enhanced self-kindness.

The Results

People that I work with feel better–
They become more resilient and happy.
Their days feel brighter as they gain trust in their “inner light.”

Teresa Waters, M.A., RCC
ph. 250-930-7172

I provide a therapeutic environment of safety, kindness and respect –
the foremost requirements for healing and positive growth.

Free 20 minute introductory meeting, by phone or in person.