Holding Grief: Create a Vessel of Reverence

(Available as a personalized retreat theme or in a series of individual sessions.)

After a significant loss,
you may not fathom how you will carry on.

Perhaps you’re struggling to just survive,
while hoping the intensity will pass in a few weeks, or a few months….
But Grief does not operate on a time schedule.

Grief can disorient your relationship to life.
In addition to unshakable pain &/or numbness,
Grief includes a complex process
that requires you to integrate into the new reality that includes your loss.

Let me help with that integration
by supporting you to create a vessel of reverence in which to hold your Grief:
• Develop kind presence for the difficult emotions of Grief.
• Build skills that may allow you to have moments of being less overwhelmed and more alive.
• Explore some ways to gradually return to life.

If you live on Salt Spring or nearby, we can look at what might be best for you:
A few long sessions, weekly or bi-monthly sessions, or several sessions close together. I find that people’s needs vary greatly when it comes to Grief-support.

If you don’t live nearby, please consider coming for a personal retreat on beautiful Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Retreat packages are tailored to the individual or couple.

Retreat options include:
• A lovely place to stay that is right for you
• Kind, respectful grief-focused counselling
• Massage for relaxation and increased body awareness
• Private yoga lessons
• Hot tub and Sauna
• Nourishing, delicious food

But the asking is not idle For when you ask about something, you realize you have survived it–and so you must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself.

-Ann Carson