Holding Grief: Create a Vessel of Reverence

(Available as a personalized retreat theme or in a series of individual sessions.)

After a significant loss,
you may not fathom how you will carry on.

Perhaps you’re struggling to just survive,
while hoping the intensity will pass in a few weeks, or a few months….
But Grief does not operate on a time schedule.

Grief can disorient your relationship to life.
In addition to unshakable pain &/or numbness,
Grief includes a complex process
that requires you to integrate into the new reality that includes your loss.

Let me help with that integration
by supporting you to create a vessel of reverence in which to hold your Grief:
• Develop kind presence for the difficult emotions of Grief.
• Build skills that may allow you to have moments of being less overwhelmed and more alive.
• Explore some ways to gradually return to life.

But the asking is not idle For when you ask about something, you realize you have survived it–and so you must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself.

-Ann Carson