End of a Longterm Relationship:

before, during, and/or after

The end of an intimate relationship is often painful and disorienting.
Your sense of self can be undermined.
You may get tangled in overwhelming emotions or trapped in immobility + numbness.
It’s an important, but usually difficult time to get clear on what you value and need.

Let me help you discover the messages of your emotions, and how they can guide you.

Use anger to take action, and not be swept into hate, rage or resentment. Use grief to access self-kindness and comfort,
and not be thrust into self-pity &/or depression. Use fear to create safety, and not be flipped into anxiety or terror.

In the midst of the intensity, I can support you to find and live your best self. This could make a huge, positive, longterm difference for you and those you care about.

Photo: Deborah Barnes

Seems so hard
All I want to do is let down my guard
Laugh like a child and play out in the yard
I want to feel safe again

I don’t know
What happened to [me], where did [I] go?
Wish I could not feel the cold wind blow
I want to feel safe again

-Carole King, Songwriter