How pieces of my biography shaped my professional approach:

  • I’ve moved a lot throughout my life. I enjoy connecting with all kinds of people and take interest in their diverse lives.

  • In my early twenties, I lived in the wilderness of SE Alaska. The peace I felt there encouraged me to assist others in finding more sense of peace.

  • I became a massage therapist and developed a thriving practice.

  • I adopted my daughter. I learned about how relationships affect the wiring of the brain and nervous system.

  • I experienced a devastating trauma from which I gradually emerged. Body-mind therapy was an integral piece of my healing transformation.
  • Inspired to help others recover from trauma, I began to study body-focused trauma resolution.

  • I provided brain injury rehabilitation support to individuals with acquired traumatic brain injury and their families.

  • I immersed myself in several years of education and experiential training in trauma recovery, how experience shapes the nervous system, developmental wound repair, and mindful self-kindness. I currently offer private sessions that support individual healing, and teach classes and workshops that explore these topics.

 The journey continues…

Endeavor to know

& embody the difference between:

mere existence
& deep authentic existence,

just being human
& being fully human,

remaining fragmented
& bringing the conflicting parts of ourselves into active unity,

partial relating
& full relating with self and others.

-Martin Buber